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The About.com Guides - content creators contracted by About.com - are real people with expertise and passion in their fields. Their mission is to provide readers with solutions that empower them to fulfill the large and small needs of everyday life.

About.com covers more than 900 informational topics on its sites, consisting of 3 million original articles created by Guides, the independent experts in the topics they cover.

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What Makes Guides Unique?

Photo of Vince Iannelli, MD, Guide to Pediatrics
Vince Iannelli, MD,
Guide to Pediatrics

Guides do not follow an assignment model. They alone decide on the content to produce based on their expertise and understanding of user needs.

When creating content, Guides look at their topics from all angles, to ensure that they are providing users with the breadth and depth of information needed to accomplish their goals.

They interact with their readers daily. As a result, they're not only experts on their topics, but also experts on what their audience wants to know about their topics.

The combination of Guides' passion and expertise make About.com's content and site a trusted, valuable resource. To better understand the people who post quality content on About.com, take a moment to meet some of the Guides.

Guide Ethics

About.com is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, and this vision is shared with the Guides. About.com invites you to read the Guide Conflict-of-Interest Policy.

In order to maintain credibility, Guides adhere to these journalistic principles:

  • Objectivity: Guides engaged by About.com do not give preferential treatment to any outside resource (publication, video, affiliate, website), based on their relationship with the person or company who authors or owns that resource.
  • Full Disclosure: Guides on About.com always disclose any relationship with a source that may compromise their objectivity.

Advertising content on About.com is clearly distinguished from editorial content by the following labels: "Advertisement," "Sponsored Links," "Ads."

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